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Beautiful.....ever felt your heart cry with beautie...bo...well listen to these.
you tell me ....... i cant give one.................
by wrathsthirdeye March 21, 2005
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A cool girl that likes Pink Floyd and smokes blunts.
very easy to get along with!
ah man where's the "papalazaro0o" at?
by wrathsthirdeye January 16, 2005
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Pink Floyd
thats it.....
thats all there is to it.
no ganra....no group.....they are THEY.

"some might say where a drug orientated group.....but where not....you can trust us"
David Gilmour live at pompeii
"one of these days im going to cut you into tiny little pieces"

play that to someone you have never met befor.
someone who has never listend to pink floyd before.

but Befor hand give them about 2 Skunk Blunts!!!..
by wrathsthirdeye February 27, 2005
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