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haha you losers lets clear something up

1. Jeans do not cost $45 here, and even if they were, it's not like everyone buys jeans

2. People don't go there to be "unique" they go there because they actually like the things there, not the shirts at American Eagle that say shit like "easily distracted", and have half naked models plastering the wall

3. They have never sold sweaters...
Prep: Lyk look at that kid going into hot topic, that place is so totally over priced

"That Kid": Uh yeah...you just bought 5 shirts that make no sense at all, when I went to Hot Topic and spent the same amount of money on a hoodie and 8 shirts as well as a belt...have you ever been in hot topic before?
by wouldn't you like to know that April 23, 2006

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Two Kinds.

1. Not-so-rich kids that shop at aeropostale, limited too and fricken stores as such

2. Then they're the snobs that buy designer bags for no apparent reason, and look down upon anyone who dares wear the dreadful color black

Either way I hate them both (as well as people who knew Green Day and Fall Out Boy, as well as My Chem before the summer of last year
Snob 1: Hey, lyk omgz! Did you get that new gucci bag?
Snob 2: Lyk totally!
Regular person: Imbeciles
Snob 1: Lyk whatever! Omgz! I have the best friends ever!
Lyk OMGZ, I am such a prep cuz i can be

notice how they seem to brag more, and become more dependent on their friends than regular people hmmm...
by wouldn't you like to know that April 23, 2006

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