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1. A person who outshines the stars and makes Megan Fox feel insecure. We are humbled by her presence and toxifying beauty. She plays the field and usually has numerous husbands. Toxic to men and has deadly poison in her kiss. Beware the Dalyce.
1. "You made out?" "Yeah, I got a Dalyce!"
2. "I don't want to be too available, she seems like a Dalyce"
by workluvswork February 04, 2010

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(verb): internet stalking. A way of stalking people (your ex boyfriend, his new girlfriend, and any other potential hook ups he may have). Also said when meeting new people as a way of communicating in the future because getting a phone number is too time consuming and you just want to stalk them briefly. Used when a phone call will never be made.
"I'm gonna facebook the shit outta you"
"Did you get that guy's number?" "No I just facebooked him"
"Hey! Facebook me!"
by workluvswork February 07, 2010

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