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When a clitoris and beer gut become so large your doctor tells you that you are a fat ass. This area is penetrable only by ones cousin.
Hey Eryan, your pants would fit better if you didn't have that beer clit.
by Wordsmith57 June 17, 2015

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When someone says, thinks, or acts in a way which closely resembles a nigga.
Tyron was going to get a job, but his niggnorance kicked in and he had 12 beers instead.
by Wordsmith57 June 17, 2015

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Slang word for being both a "bum" and a "bitch" or a "bum bitch".
Funny how some of you "bumbs" that cry constantly about refs and every other injustice that you see, come at the Difference when I voice my opinion, when all in your world is fine or you get a win or two.
by wordsmith57 September 22, 2010

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