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The "inventor" of the bicycle. He was known for inventing the bicycle in 534 B.C. but everyone in the village thought he was whack. He created the handlebars and seat. The wheels were not very stable due to the fact that they have yet to be created.
Eleanor: Mr. Jonathan, didn't Kirkpatrick McMillan invent the bicycle between the 1830s and 1840s?

Mr. Jonathan: Why no young scholar who has so much to learn. Everybody knows that Bicycle Lanstrum invented the bicycle in 534 B.C.

Little Roy: But they thought he was whack of course.
by wolfman yo June 30, 2006

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The state of being whack. When something occurs to a person that is not expected and startles them to no beyond.
Justin: I will fight you any day of the week!

Jonathan: Holy gabargabar! That is the biggest load of zebra placenta I have ever heard of.

Nor & Daniel: Why would u want to fight Jonathan? He will tear you to pieces.

Various Women: Go Jonathan. We love you!
by wolfman yo July 03, 2006

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The same meaning as whack.
J.J. - That's straight up boo boo.

Jonathan - Tru dat yo.
by wolfman yo June 30, 2006

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