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A person who repeatedly asks for advice from multiple individuals, only to ignore aforementioned advice completely. The askhole will choose the least logical option (usually their own), skipping merrily down the path into unbridled oblivion, blissfully and willingly oblivious throughout the entire ordeal.

We can conclude that an "askhole" is a gaping, cavernous pit of stupidity, into which good, sound counsel is thrown and subsequently lost forever.
Josh: So, Liz asked me for some advice about her boyfriend the other day. She said when she's with him she doesn't feel any sort of emotion... they're just kind of existing together.

Corey: So what did you tell her?

Josh: I told her if she doesn't get anything out of the relationship she should end it.

Corey: And?

Josh: And they're getting married next month.

Corey: What a askhole.
by white_knight February 24, 2013
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A code term used by men when refering to condoms in public places or around women.
Bill: "What are we going to Walmart for?"
Mike : " I have to get some Work Shirts, Marla is dirty, I dont want to get any thing when I fuck her tonight"

Bill "Sounds good, I should get some Work Shirts too"
Mike: "You can't catch anything from your hand Bill"
by white_knight May 18, 2009
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