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also known as the "devil horns". a hand gesture often practiced by metalheads and rockers alike. the gesture can me made by curling in your thumb, middle and ring fingers inwards towards your palm. meant to represent the "sign of the devil" with the index and pinky fingers erected, representing the horns of the devil.
just do it. curl in your middle ring fingers towards your palm, and place your thumb over them. then make sure you keep your index and pinky fingers straight and there you have it.

by werd neseirf March 08, 2011
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someone who appreciates heavy metal music with great enthusiasm. in order for one to truly appreciate heavy metal, they must observe all the aspects of the music, including the beat, lyrics, and effort which is exerted into the difficult solos by the performers. metal heads often listen to their music at high volume, especially in head phones. metal heads are very often biast against anything mainstream, especially music (like hip hop, because it lacks meaning and the musicians dont play their own instruments). metal heads tend to keep friends close, and do not connect with many people. metal heads are very commonly anti-conservatist. but the important part i knowing who is a real metal head, and who is not. people who describe some genres of metal like nu or alt to be any less metal than their hardcore counterparts are dead wrong. there is no such thing as fake metal, it is all real, but what you have to consider is that as time passes, music changes. nu and alt metal is what is leading to the metal of tomorrow, just like how metal was derived from the combination of rock and blues, which was sped up over time to sound hardcore. now i am not saying that you need to love nu and alt metal, but what i am saying is that you need to accept it (its better than that mainstream stuff isn't it?) for what it really is, the metal of tomorrow like how the metal of today is the blues and rock of yesterday.
here are a few band which i love and think that most metal heads should at least know:

all that remains
iron maiden
as i lay dying
ozzy osbourne
black sabbath
judas priest
bullet for my valentine
shadows fall
drowning pool
avenged sevenfold
five finger death punch
by werd neseirf March 09, 2011
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