3 definitions by welovetrash

best described as jumping around like your ass is on fire while practising a russian folk dance to a simple bass tune that every dumbass could come up with.

possibly the lamest way of 'dancing' ever.

very popular in the netherlands, unfortunately.
A: 'what a jackass. what's he doing?'
B: 'jumpstyle!'
by welovetrash November 10, 2007
Small, flat and wet country somewhere in Northern Europe where everyone is tall, smokes weed and rides a bike.
I'm a Dutch citizen, I come from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands are far out!

I'm smoking weed in The Netherlands.

by welovetrash November 10, 2007
A Dutch word, meaning 'bag', 'balls' and 'idiot'.
He's a real bag! > Hij is een echte zak!

I've got an itchy bag. > Ik heb jeuk aan m'n zak.
by welovetrash November 10, 2007