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Not to be confused with that kid P-Nut, I am talking about the bassist for 311. P-Nut has been a long time friend to members of the band & has a style that is all his own. He plays Warwick bass guitars (and now amps) and has 3 signature models, and also plays some stock models made by the company. His signature models are close to the Streamer lines, and do not forget his use of the five string bass. His playing style is unique because he can bust his ass on slap/solo stuff but then steps back into the pocket and lays down some of the best grooves I have heard. From the early demo's even to Uplifter, I can say that I am most impressed with P-Nut in how original he is & still is pushing as a musician. He started learning some upright bass awhile back and is always trying to create new sounds and riffs that stay true to his sound. That might sound cliche but he really plays his parts in a way different way than most bassists from the early 90s and on. Don't start with the Flea comparison, 311 and RHCP are way different. Funk vs Reggae? come on... He is my biggest inspiration (been playing for 7yrs now....f***) and was caught by the police un-clothed so they used the "311" police code, resulting in the band name...or so I have heard. Check out his bass lines, youtube videos, and pick up some of your old 311 records if you have any.
"When we're on the road P-Nut rolls it up, throw me a joint on stage what's up" Offbeat Bare Ass//311
by warwick91 March 25, 2011
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