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the most selfless, loyal, forgiving and resilient character on the 100. never lets anything break him, and is always trying to do what is best for his friends and sister, even if they hate him for it. had the worst ending in the history of all fictional characters, but it does not diminish who he was for 7 years. from the sexy bad boy who only cared about his sister and himself to risking everything, even himself, for the people he loves, he had one of the greatest character arcs. alongside his amazing personality and character, he is also the The Sexiest And Most Powerful Man To Ever Exist. he breathes and an entire room is at his command. he simply owned the show and it's evident in the viewership and reviews of the final season, because who the fuck wants to watch this show without bellamy blake?! anyways, best brother yes, but also best friend, boyfriend, cadet, guard, warrior, leader, and overall character. may he rest in peace. gone, but never forgotten king ❤️
"what's the definition of power?"

"Bellamy Blake"
by wapbellamy November 22, 2020
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acting range of a brick wall
what did i just watch??
echo kom azgeda my friend im so sorry
by wapbellamy November 22, 2020
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