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A common phrase used to refer to someone who's perception is very, very slow. An imbacil for example. Someone who just can't understand.
A: Excuse me, what time is it?
B: Time for you to go home and play with soap!
A: But my mom will be angry if I waste soap?!
B: The light is on but nobody is home
C: Kalevet!!!
by wandman August 07, 2005
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The raw definition in hebrew means Rabies, a fatal disease associated usually with canines, but can inflict other animals and even mankind. The less formal use is to describe anything that isn't good. And that includes anything.
A: Do you see this ugly girl?
B: yes, kalevet

A: how was the test?
B: kalevet, I knew nothing

A: I heard about youe rash
B: It's a kalevet of eczema
A: Kalevet
by WandMan July 31, 2005
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A girl with B.O.
Last night I was with a girl that smelled like a Coney Dog!
by Wandman April 03, 2015
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