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A teaching philosophy which is gaining momentum; incorporating learning and teaching practices steeped in the do-it-yourself DIY ethic, without abandoning the thrill of personal rebellion and all fruition stemming from that.

Rebelling against now conventional teaching tools, such as Powerpoint, this style in particular strives to bring to the learning environment a rebellion against commercialized learning and cookie cutter thoughts that might stem from that.

It also embraces and encourages the DIY ethos, and most importantly, seeks to encourage freedom of thought / thinking for one's own self. This especially in light of the idea that academia itself has become too straight-laced and uptight for it's own intellectual good; in other words: institutionalized ideas are bad.

A gentle embrace of this philosophy could possibly prevent or aid in the over-intellectualization of everything in the world.

The term was first used on May 25, 2008 by Jim Groom, in his blog.

What doesn't seem to be acknowledged until now -- is that many college professors have been embarking with this formula for some time now, flowing freely, fine and good, without the term 'edupunk'.

Importantly, the ethos themselves live in the idea of Education NOT being cooperate created, but rather community-created.
Centered on the student itself, and this style also has a decisive progressive political stance.

It is held, in the hopes of this writer, that professors themselves do not, begin to embrace the rampant angst, narcissism, and fiery tirades that HAVE been associated with the punk movement.

Teaching a psychology class with no text book, could be considered edupunk.
by wadofplastic December 22, 2008

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