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The better half of the Leighton-Linslade parish, located in Bedfordshire, UK.

Linslade was first discovered in 1347 BC by God. Leighton on the other hand was discovered in 1972 by a tramp looking for a half-full can of larger.

Linslade has been officially proven to contain far inferior numbers of chavs, slags and council houses than across the river, whilst boasting superior numbers of respectable schools, mugging-free alleyways and generally nicer people. Ok, they may have the High Street but who would want that place anyway now that Woolworths has gone?
Linslade person 1: 'Hey, you wanna go into Leighton today?'
Linslade person 2: 'No way, I'd rather keep my wallet and phone!'
by wacky_racer May 13, 2009

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