3 definitions by w. ryan

Used to describe any quick or swift action, taken by a man, under extreme cirucumstances.
FALCON (WORD)!!! FALCON MOUNT!!! FALCON KICK!!! FALCON PUNCH!!! Lil Wil, lil Wil, lil Wil; you gotta be you!
by w. ryan February 24, 2007
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When a girl (typicaly in her 20's) is fucking an older man (typicaly 70s and up) and once the man busts his load he dies on top of the girl.
The old ass fart gave that sorority chick a bah humbug.
by w. ryan October 14, 2007
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The manguage was developed for men by men and is used by men everywhere. For example; Mug (man hug), Mandals (man sandals), Muv (man luv), Muddle (man huddle), Molonel (man colonel).
by w. ryan February 24, 2007
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