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Aggressive atheism. Contraction of 'pugnacious' and 'atheism'.
'I saw off the god-botherers with a couple of swift shots of pugnatheism'.

'Don't let him see that Bible - he's a pugnatheist and will likely insert it somewhere unpalatable'.
by vysey November 08, 2007

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Aggregation of hate-fueled cretins and religious fundamentalists. All red-staters are legally obliged to oppose foreigners, liberals, niggers, faggots and commies, as well as denying the validity of global warming, sexual equality, evolution and most of the 'fancy' scientific advances since the 14th century - apart from cable TV, processed foods and automatic weapons.
Red staters are required to eschew knowledge of books, art or philosophy and are rarely allowed out of their immediate environs for fear that they might encounter people who 'ain't from round here'.
The nominal leader of the Red States is the President (unless he happens to be a liberal)though in fact the President must defer in all things to Jesus, whose views on gun control, 'goddamn nigger-faggot-liberals' and tax-breaks for the wealthy are well established.

Pastimes include buying guns, lynching, book-burning, obesity, incest, ignorance and hubris. And guns.
Any fat stupid bigot with a pick-up truck or SUV, festooned with American flags, and stickers referencing "W" and 'The Power of Pride'.

Addendum : All Red Staters think they are 'tough'although in reality none would last more than 7 seconds in any proper pub car-park fracas - which is why they all love their guns so much. Cunts.
by vysey March 10, 2005

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