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A "nigger weekend" consists of forty-four hours of fuckin' and fightin' and four hours of fixin' flats.
A Nigger Weekend is a phrase that relates to the propensity of African Americans to engage in Friday and Saturday nights of wild sexual intercourse, the excessive consumption of malt liquor, chicken wings, pork ribs and watermelon; to participate in bouts of fisticuffs, knife fights and gun play with Saturday night specials, .25 & .32 semiautomatic pistols as well as their proclivity to drive automobiles with bald tires, known as "maypops" and that perpetually need repair
by videriquamesse September 11, 2012
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A term used when businesses paid employees in cash and would allow their workers to draw money against the week's pay they had coming on Friday. To "brass out" meant that an employee had drawn more money than he had coming in Friday's pay envelope.
If you keep on drawin' money, you're gonna "Brass Out" at Noon on Wednesday, you won't have nothin' comin on Friday an' your old lady's gonna kick your ass.
by videriquamesse August 01, 2011
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