3 definitions by verbazing

Little pig boy is that pathetic dirty bitch baby mistress gets to stand on, little pig boy comes from the dirt, he's a weasley little mud-grub who needs to be stood on.
"Mistress hates her little pig boy, I am her dirty little pig boy, please stand on me with your boots on."
by verbazing June 21, 2019
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Cotton eye joe is a mysterious person who has cotton for a eye, his name is joe and he comes and goes.
"Where'd you come from where'd you go? Where'd you come from Cotton eye joe
by verbazing June 21, 2019
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Keira is a little tall bitch, who procrastinates and somehow is in advanced math, she usually has medium brown hair and a pair of ugly glasses. She does all nighters 24/7 and has a thing for Tom that guy from Greys Anatomy, if you see her definitely try to be friends with her since she'll need it, that hairy ass loser. She also has trust issues, which means she trust people way to easily then worries that they hate her, she is the funny friend in the group.
Person 1-"Is that keira?"
Person 2-"Ya i think it is!"
Person 1-"What a loser, lets go try and be friends.
by verbazing June 21, 2019
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