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In the financial sense, you can be choe'd by being pelted by requests for spare change, even though offending party has a knot of twentys stashed in his side pocket.

Any person who requests money even though you know they have money.

Liu Kang: Hey man, can you spare 40 cents?
normal human: Say what? I know you have money...
Liu Kang: Come on I dont want to break a dollar...can I hit that?
normal human: I dont even know what youre talking about anymore...I am being choe'd!
by vanasseldonk September 23, 2005

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Can be used in the reverse, when said offending party will bring in own food (rare) and then proceed to eat a majority of it. Then shoves spoon with backwashed remnants, with a half-hearted, "YOU WANT SOME?"
Shang Tsung: MMM, this rice dish is delish...(eating most of meal) YOU WANT SOME?

Normal human: My god, no....I have been reverse choe'd.
by vanasseldonk September 23, 2005

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