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A sign of the apocalypse.

It's basically a band full of 6 members that haven't had their testicles drop yet. There is one unlucky girl in the show that seems to have become the love interest of Nat Wolff ever since he got over his fear of cooties. Nat's 8 year old brother, Alex, wears a doo-rag and fake tattoos because what he lacks in reproductive organs he makes up for in bling bling, haterz!

The story is based around Nat and Alex's unsuccessful love life. Oh yeah, and they play crappy music too. Did I mention these kids are 10 and 8? Alex always wonders why 18 year old girls aren't attracted to him. He "left" the band because some whore wouldn't let him see his first set of hooters. In one unfortunate episode Nat received his first kiss by the alien-girl in the band, Rosalina.

When these kids aren't trying to hump the legs of their female producers they write songs with shitty lyrics. Their first single, Crazy Car, was painstakingly bad. Same with the next, and the next, and you guessed it, the next. Nat professed his love for Rosalina with a song named "Rosalina." Yes, and you better believe that song brings the major LOLs.

The acting in this show is mindboggingly awful. If you love your characters constantly reading off a teleprompter then this show is for you, faggot.

I find it scary that parents are offended by the name of the band instead of the bullshit that is being leaked to their children. Please do not let Little Johnny get a gee-tar or drumset because he wants to be like his idol Nat. Just turn off the TV, delete his myspace, and make him read a damn book.
I love how most sites deem the Naked Brothers Band as a "Tween Rocumentary." Fuckers.

I dare you to listen to one of their songs. The instant you put those headphones in your ear you'll be rolling around on the floor in a seizure-like state, foaming at the mouth while at the same time screaming "What the shit."
by urmomlol April 05, 2007

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