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Qopolly is a fictional game that noone knows about because it doesnt actually exist.
here are the rules:
1. Q.
2. Q.
3: limburger
4: steal all the limburger
limburger: 5
Man 1: hey wanna play some Qopolly 7 1/2 birth before sleep hd ld 1+2=21 HD final chapter prolouge 2000 remix+--+++?
Man 2:that one's not even out yet.
Man 3: limburger
Man limburger: i got a free copy of Qopolly: limburger edition HD!
by unicorn_girrl September 16, 2020
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Moriah Elizabeth is an art you tuber, she is famously known for filling out pages of her books(create this book 1&2), fixing and paint old squishies sent to her by her fans, recreating her squishies as real desserts and painting on anything she can get her hands on( paint pallets, pencil pouches, outlet covers, outfits ,stuff from the thrift store, plushies, etc.) she post videos every Friday
Ellie: what are you watching?
Andy: Moriah Elizabeth.
by unicorn_girrl September 15, 2020
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