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The two miracle keys that can mean the difference between safety or a detention
'Dan! The teacher's coming! You better alt-tab your meme collection!'
by unicorn-san September 04, 2017

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A form of clickbait, watchbait is where a person will use a catchy title to get you to watch their video. Commonly used by youtubers who have no life, and have videos that go to 10:05 (so they can extend the amount of ads, and generate more profit).
Browsing through YouTube. 'Mom buys kid fidget spinner for $1. You won't believe what happens!' . 'DO NOT DO THIS AT 3 AM!'. "Why is there so much watchbait today?!"
by unicorn-san September 05, 2017

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A program that allows people to search up a location, and go look at it. Used by 11 year olds who type profanity in, and try to find if it's a real place.
'Yo man, wanna look up 'Vagina' on Google Earth?'
by unicorn-san September 04, 2017

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