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Alright, for starters, people from tumblr do not at all in any way state that they created memes. Memes are for everyone, stfu. And maybe some people have created ones that they have made from rage builder. Also, they dont complain about their lifes. But even if they did, its a fucking blog. Thats actually somewhat what it is for. You can use it to vent. Majority of people on tumblr understand each other, and hate anons. And usually don't like homophobes. They are sarcastic, but thats what makes them hilarious. Majority of people on tumblr get along, unless some weird drama starts from some stupid anon. Not everyone on tumblr considers themself a hipster either. And it doesnt even only consist of "hipster" things. You're really shallow if you think that, and obviously don't know what you're talking about. Quit judging. Its a place to get away from people like you. People who are ignorant and judgmental. Tumblr can also be considered for a place where the outcast-socially awkward kids go, which is perfectly fine. Oh and tumblr only accepts cats. If you're a muggle...gtfo ~~ you never heard of a tumblr eva itz a virus oya ;D
Im really tired i hope i worded everything right jfkdsj imma die forever alone Tumblr ~
by umadbrogottaproblemrawnstaaawp October 06, 2011

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