2 definitions by ultimategwazster92

To watch or stalk someone, or to try to get all up in their business. Basically just the act of creeping on someone in general.

One who frequently participates in the act of Gwazing.
Example 1:
"OMG. I think Alyssa has been flirting with my boyfriend. I'm totally going to Gwaz on her Myspace comments when I get home and see what's going on."

Example 2:
Yvonne: "Wow, that weird kid has been staring at you for, like, 5 minutes now. What a Gwazster."

Erin: "I know, LOL."
by ultimategwazster92 April 17, 2009
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An expression used to convey the extent that one does not care about something in a ghetto-like manner, while still remaining white.
Yvonne: "Hey Erin, you should fake bake sometime. You're so white you're almost transparent."
Erin: "I don't even curr. Tan people can kiss my arse."
by ultimategwazster92 April 20, 2009
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