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The art of turning snooze off on your alarm after being woken up, and going back to sleep in the hope that your body will be the only alarm you need. Often goes disastrously wrong when you wake up and your lecture started 20 minutes ago.
1) "Sorry I'm late for the meeting boss, but I was so hungover this morning that I decided to do a risky snooze and I didn't wake up till your secretary rang, you're cool with that right?"

2) "Hey, where'd you get that black eye?"

"Well I slept with my mates wife, I was gonna leave before he got back, but I was tired so I had a risky snooze just before he came in"

3) "You look fresh"

"Yeah, I totally had a successful risky snooze"

4) "You're forty minutes late for your exam, you will not get the time back"

"But I have an excuse"

"What is it?"

"I went for a risky snooze but didn't wake up in time"

"That's okay then, don't worry I'll talk to the chief examiner about this"

5) The thought process goes -

I'm wide awake and ready to face a new day.

*turns off alarm*

*sits up*

Actually I'm still quite tired.

*lays down*

The alarm is SO far away, screw it I probably won't fall too much asleep.

*wakes up*


by ugotpauld December 08, 2011
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