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a sexual position. The female stands on her head and balances herself with her arms while the male stands and gives her cunnilingus and flaps her legs all around and violently. When the female cums, the males is to use the cum as a lube then fuck her in the same position, flapping his arms like a Condor.
Last night, I went from the Colombian Skyhawk to the Colombian Condor in one move. The bitch was down on her head and I was flapping her legs like I was in an updraft over the Andes, then when she came I jammed that shit in her and soared with the eagles!
by UglyStick June 02, 2009

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a sexual position. when having reverse cowgirl, lift the girl's legs up and down rapidly and "caw" repeatedly and loudly as a bird would. this is the colombian skyhawk.
Last night, Susie was riding me then I grabbed her legs and put her in the Colombian Skyhawk, but she misinterpreted my move as the Colombian Condor. It wasn't the Condor. It was the Skyhawk. Stupid Bitch.
by UglyStick May 30, 2009

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n; a term used for skinnier females, often used by fat bitches who are way uglier and twice the size.
person a) whoa she is such an ugly stick
person b) yeah i bet she weighs less than my left ass cheek.
by uglystick July 05, 2011

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