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When your mates whimp out, go home and decide they've had enough and slope-off home - they have one of these. The only visible symptom is a moist crotch.

A more intense, infectious and specialised condition, worse than mangina - found only in men.

Anyone who suffers from this condition is more likely to have a bromace or be your gayest best friend
Stephen needed some napkins to dry up the mess leaking from his badgyvagy

Alastair didn't go to the pub as his badgyvagy hurt
by ubd_god December 18, 2011
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The simultaneous loss of multiple types of bodily fluids, on an involuntary basis, after passing out following a night out on the town.

Known on twitter as #TBE
Julian didn't know what had happened to his bed until he realised he'd had a Total Body Evacuation during the night
by ubd_god December 19, 2011
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