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A term for people who aren't retarded but act liek they are.
Half the people at West Nottingham Academy are fucking speds.
by tyguy101a October 20, 2004

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The act of using a charged plasma pistol followed by a melee attack in the video game Halo2
I donkey punched the guy for the win.
by tyguy101a November 01, 2005

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What George W Bush calls Russian president Vladimir Puttin.
That assface Bush called Pooty Poot the other day.
by tyguy101a October 23, 2004

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A concept motorcycle built around a 10 cylinder, 500 horsepower SRT engine. Same engine is used in 2003 Dodge Viper and 2003 Dodge Ram SRT.`
I saw the Dogde Tommahawk at the All Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, Damn that thing is sweet.
by tyguy101a January 03, 2005

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Large SUV made by Daimler Chrysler's for its Dodge Truck line. Was developed using the Dodge Dakota pickup truck frame and driveline. Newer versions aimed at Soccer Mom's with more creature comforts than the original version, however it still has alot of power to back it up. Available with the HEMI engine in newer models.
I just got my family a Durango.
by tyguy101a January 03, 2005

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An abbreviated term for vaginal fart. Used by Steve Taylor to royally piss of Mumford.
Steve: Vagifart.

Mumford: Thats a demerit!

Steve: What? I can't say Vagifart?

Mumford: Thats another demerit!

Steve: So your gonna give me a demerit everytime I say Vagifart?

Mumford: Yes, and that's another demerit.

Steve: How many demerit slips do you have left?!

Mumford: Three.

by tyguy101a October 21, 2004

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Engine design used in Daimler Chrysler cars and trucks. Original 10 cylinder version available in the Dodge Viper, Dodge Ram SRT, and Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle. 4 thru 8 cylinder versions available in a variety of other Dodge and Chrysler vehicles.
The SRT engine is sweet as hell.
by tyguy101a January 03, 2005

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