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The BEST show ever aired on Nickelodeon! It's about four kids that live in California and are awesome at every extreme sport ever invented. The characters are Otto, Reggie, Twister, and Sam. Otto is a little cocky and concieted. He has red hair with dread locks. Reggie is the only girl in the gang because she is a tom-boy. She has purple hair and nobody knows why. Shes pretty nice though. Twister is my favorite character because he is really funny and cool. He wears a hat and a small piece of his hair sticks out. He's also kind of stupid but whatever. The last and least is Sam. He's so fat!! He's from Kansas and he has blond hair and glasses. He's also a nerd. His mom is really over protective! He's weird but he is a killer goalie!! They always call visitors of there beach shoobies which i find hilarious!!! They also always do this woogie woogie thing which is pretty funny. if you dont like rocket power you need help. NOW!
Otto: Yo dude, look! Here comes those stupid shoobies!
Twister: Uhh... i hate those guys! They always get in our way while we are trying to surf! IDIOTS!
Sam: My moma's gonna go balistic when she sees that i got my shirt all sandy!
Twister: Shut up Sam! No one cares!!
Reggie: Twister thats no way to talk to the new kid!
Otto: Look! Watch me hang 10!
Reggie:It's not that cool!
Otto:Shut up or i tell Raymundo!
Reggie:I dont care...
Twister:haha. fighting...ROCKET POWER!!
by twisterfromrocketpower April 28, 2010

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