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lil flip is fine and forget all yall
hatas out there
by Twin August 23, 2003

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they are 2 definitions
1. these females are known as
hypes, who probably might get the party started, they are the ones who holla back when a n**** holla
a female who is easy,
2. a female who starts the fight but can't finish it!
1.ho "what it is ho, ah what's up?
Can a nigga get in them guts?" SKIP A FEW LINES "Well give me you number and I'll call" A boy holla then she hand him her number
2."few times been around the track but it aint gon happen just like that
Gwen Stefani is going to finish the chit-chat about her.
by twin April 15, 2005

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when you got the spotlight, your the HNIC (head n**** in charge) your the big boss! everyboy comes to you, they want you, and you whats hot!
"back then ho's didn't want me
now I'm hot ho's all up on me"
-Mike Jones the one only you can't clone him
by twin April 15, 2005

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