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An enthusiastic follower of the works of Joss Whedon; a fanatical supporter of the 'Whedonverse' - stories and characters created by Whedon.

Equivalent to 'trekkies' (or 'trekkers') whom are fanatical about the Star Trek franchise/fictional universe.
a) "Whedonites are worse than trekkies!"

b) "I'll watch anything with Sarah Michelle Gellar in, I'm such a Whedonite!"

c) "We can't let the networks cancel Joss's latest show, come on Whedonites let's start a letter writing campaign!"
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One who engages in the contemplative arts of sociology/psychology whilst venturing out into society, which can be either in reality or virtually. Basically a psychonaut who can be tripping balls or trippin without necessarily the need for drugs .
I trolled that message board and saw some quite interesting triggering, I'm such a socionaut!
by twentyfourcharacters_max January 21, 2017
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