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alright. everyone reacts differently. on my first time, i smoked like half a joint of sour d...not knowing what that would do. cuz i don't know anything about weed i`ll admit, even tho i smoke it. hmmm. i didnt notice that i was becoming high. it hits you all of a sudden and then u say "shit. ohhh shit. i feel like im in a dream." you get mad scared...i felt like i was in a box watching the world go round but i was staying still. you cant see the box but its so wierd. like everything that happens is in a different time period. at first also when u lift ur arms, they feel mad light like they could float. if u sit on the bed, when ppl say things they say it mad loud and clear. u feel like the people of the bed are going around in like time lapses. i dont no how to explain that one. and theres times where u forget ur high so u think ur dreaming, but then you remeber that ur high and u think "oh shit why did i get high." but then that goes away bc u think ur dreaming agen. and it goes in a cycle. && i threw up all my food that i had ate like an hour ago...i dont no why! also i went on myspace and read this about me that was written all cool. and then i was like holy shit that was so good and written mad good. and u feel like ur heart is pumping sooo fast, but i asked some1 to feel it and they sed it was pumping fine. and ur legs feel a little numb. my legs twitched a little. and ur tongue feels like rubbery and pillowy, like a marshmellow. ;]. and if close ur eyes and move ur head, u`ll start bouncing it up and down like ur singing a song...ur mad happy. and scared at the same time. sometimes u feel like ur out of ur body and that ur watching urself do something. like if u move something, like a book, u feel like ur watching yourself do it ... u still have ur wits about u tho. like my frend wanted me to take a cold shower but i didnt want to cuz then my parents would wake up and find out... sometimes u think ur better, like ur getting out of the high, but then it comes back lol. have fun peeeps.
High, whats ur name?!!
by tweak!@#$% February 02, 2008

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