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A term referring to a person who grew up on a farm and is not familiar with city life, naive, often unsophisticated. Not too polite, often used as a derogatory term for Caucasian South Africans by the British and by people of former British Colonies such as Australia and New Zealand. It appears to have been derived from the Dutch term "plaasjapie" meaning a farm-boy, and implies someone who is ignorant and uneducated, aimed mainly at the Afrikaner (of Dutch origin)
True account of convo heard by mine own ears in the bowls pavilion of Nairobi Club c.1967
Pater: So why didn't stay in South Africa, Izzy?
Izzy : Ag, Man! I can't stand the bloody Jappies,
by tumbokubwa June 21, 2013

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A latter day Gay-Polari type of slang label / appellation used sometimes among homosexual men to describe those homosexual men who practice unsafe sex which involves the ejaculation of semen into the rectum (as in imitation of penile - vaginal sex without contraception). Can be applied to either / or / both the passive and active parties.
From a profile on Silverdaddies.com - "...seeking a Top Daddy breeder to breed me..."
by tumbokubwa December 01, 2013

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