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A particular form of Schulich student attending the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Canada. This is a breed set apart from the normal, hard working Schulich student and takes snobbery, stupidity and competition to an extreme level. A mostly stuck up person who puts the other Schulich students at York University to shame. Often the type of person, girl or guy, who believes that they are better than most others at York because they go to Schulich. These are individuals who's Daddies are paying their fees for them, and who seem to feel entitled to almost anything. Using round about logic, they try to not talk to 'yorkies' and often live in a dreamworld where their prestige is known to all, when n reality very few people outside of York has ever heard of Schulich. The younger Schulichers like to get drunk and party, pretending this is appropriate behavior for business students, and also engage in forming cliques and fraternities. These kids are despised by the decent Schulich crowd and other York students alike and will often take over perfectly good residences or study spaces to shout loudly and waste 8 hours attempting to study. Some of the more severe cases will get pissed off that their final degrees will state they attended York University and not Schulich, not realizing that Schulich is not a University or school in it's self.
Yorkie: Hey you see that Schulicher over there, handing out business cards and pretending he's tough shit?

Yorkie 2: Which one?

Yorkie 1: The guy with the baseball cap and business suit...

Yorkie 2: The one know one's paying attention to?

Yorkie 1: Yep, that's the one.
by ts2009 August 16, 2009

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