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The Schulich School of Business is York University's business school in Toronto, Ontario that offers an undergraduate, pHD, executive and MBA program.

Schulich generally receives a lot of hate by other students - some for truly valid reasons, while others for reasons beyond stupid. Firstly, Schulich students tend to have a reputation for being highly pretentious and snobby (applicable to both MBA's and undergrads). A lot of students seem to think that because they attend Schulich, they are immediately better than everyone else. Such specimens enjoy displaying the fact that they are Schulich students to others (i.e wearing Schulich hoodies, the infamous Schulich lanyard, talking loudly about Schulich problems to outsiders etc.) to help with their ego problems. Worse still, many students who in the pursuit of appearing down to earth and decent, tend to exaggerate their dislike of other pretentious Schulich students and ultimately end up being more snobby and douchey themselves.
There is a large divide between the students of York and Schulich. It is interesting to note that while most York students might reason this with a supposed intellectual gap, the majority of students of Schulich lack the common sense of a banana. Also, what makes this divide all the more evident is the juxtaposition of an ultra-right leaning Schulich with a highly liberal York University.
Person 1: Oh my God, I'm from the Schulich School of Business and I hate how some Schulich'ers are soooooo pretentious. Seriously man, why do people act like that!! I mean, just because you go to York, it doesn't mean you're less intelligent than we are!! Seriously dude, some Schulich'ers can be SOOO obnoxious
Person 2: Yea, I know the type...
by Snoop Eastwood June 18, 2013
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