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Noun, refers to Jeep People.

A name given to a group of "Jeep Life" people, whom purchase a Jeep to compensate for a lack of social ability, personality, or general lack of interesting abilities. They tend to gather at parking lots to exploit the money spent on tasteless, useless aftermarket add-ons while highlighting the latest tire shine and waxing standards. Typically, the 4 wheel drive lever of their Jeep has been placed in 4WD once, during a test-drive.
Wow, look at all those Jeeple at the back of the Mall, stacked- surprised they got that much traction with the tire gel!

Wish I could make friends and not be lonely, but my personal traits lack. Wait, there is a place for Jeeples like me! High interest loans at 84 months!
by truthhurtzright October 21, 2019
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