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When you go to the carribean to get a medical degree.
My friend, boltok the rapist could not get into medical school in Canada or the US so he's taking an eduvacation in St. Kitts where they have a "medical school" in the middle of a resort.
by truth victor October 13, 2009
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When you rant like crazy on a blog, facebook status update, tweet, message board, or in the comments section under a story expressing your dislike and frustration over a particular issue.

The issues people usually page rage over are pointless and mundane (but don't tell the page rager that) because they usually have it so good that minor irritations are all that the have to complain about.
I can't believe didn't have acidophilus milk at the organic-fair trade co-operative so I totally went on a page rage about it on my blog! fml.
by truth victor February 07, 2010
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