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1) A trailing or climbing plant.

2) A social media app where users post 7 second long videos, called vines, for others to see. The most popular vines consist of people trying to be funny, and are often racist or make fun of a certain group. Some "Vine stars" take vine so seriously they think it's their job.

People will try to replicate popular vines by repeating them over and over in an attempt to be funny. Meanwhile, everyone with an IQ above 30 finds it annoying, redundant and not entertaining at all. See 21.

Several vines have migrated onto other social media sites, because apparently seeing it 40 times on Vine alone isn't enough. You'll probably see the same vine resubmitted many times on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The most popular ideas for vines include:
- Black people be like this, white people be like this
- Damaging or vandalising someones property, followed by "CALM DOWN DUDE IT'S A PRANK, IT'S A JOKE BRO" when they find out and are understandably aggravated
- Me cooking spaghetti when my mom is home, me cooking spaghetti when my mom isn't home
Luckily, they only last 7 seconds, so you don't need to deal with the stupidity for very long.

Impress your friends by watching vines in front of them, then not laughing because you know they aren't entertaining. For some reason, people find every new vine the funniest thing in the entire 4.5 billion year history of the world, and by not laughing they'll start to believe you're some sort of God or something.
1) I picked grapes off a vine today!

2) Person A: Check out this new vine, it's so funny!
Person B: No, it's not. Stop believing it's funny just because people tell you it's funny.
by trexel January 28, 2015

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