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Chris Corner's solo project. musically is a cross between Detroit or Berlin techno escapades, Prince or Roxy Music's pop, and the electronic universe of Cabaret Voltaire. Chris' voice, of course, brings the production to another level.
I AM X's "Kiss and Swallow" is a very good album.
by trend July 16, 2004
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1. n. One who is superficial, too perfect, shallow, and fake.

2. A song by the excellent Sneaker Pimps.
You're so Loretta Young Silks.
by trend July 16, 2004
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1. One's certain movements, mannerisms and/or habits. Usually it is unique to them.

2. When one makes certain movements or acts in a certain manner.

2. When you pinch all of your fingers towards the inside of your palm, and raise it above your head, that would be kringle.
You can give kringle to somebody when you do something strange.

I've gotten kringle by looking at someone saying something weird to me, or acting in a certain manner. I inherit kringle from them.

The sister in Pet Semetery has kringle.

Certain moves that a certain star makes on stage is kringle.

When skateboarders are doing jumps, they'll commit kringle.

Jim Carey has full kringle.

Dennis Rodman has basketball kringle.
by trend July 17, 2004
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1. The smallest mark on your heart left by the healing of a severe injury.
2. He or she who is scarred densely almost emotionless.
3. A mentally challenged/physically handicapped sibling of a normal star.
4. A band from Los Angeles.
Have you heard Scarling's new cd? It's amazing.
by trend July 16, 2004
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A "trip-hop" band Consisting only of males. Chris Corner is the current singer, though their debut album had a female singer. They deliver their own brand of "pervert pop" (as they call it), their mix of electronic beats and acoustic/electric guitar sounds.
The Sneaker Pimps are super-cool and you should listen to them.
by trend July 16, 2004
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