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When someone is telling an incredibly boring story but you can't stop them because you sparked the conversation.

Similar to the game show Jeopardy, where host Alex Trebek has to endure the painfully boring stories of the contestants.
Luke: ...so I go to the store and then Ernie is there, and he's, like, staring at me and then he pushes his cart awa-

Harry: I hate to interrupt you, but this is a total Jeopardy story.
by tractorscum July 27, 2016
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A Popular White Caucasian Male. Enjoys jumping in hallways to touch the ceiling, playing lacrosse and frisbee, and obsessively trying to make their hair do that swooshy thing.

(Sidenote: Not to be confused with the Popular Black Caucasian Males, or any other race for that matter.)
Kara: "I was thinking of asking Porter out!"
Wanda: "What?! Did you see him wearing that Obey hoodie and slouchy beanie? He's a PWCM!"
by tractorscum June 24, 2016
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