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Tupac was the best of the best rappers. He cared for all, including his rival Biggie. You don't know Tupac until you have listened to one of his songs. Once you have, you won't hear anything better. He was very thankful to God, and definitly loved his mom and his siblings. He died on september 17th at 4:03 pm when he was shot 7 times. People still beleive he is alive and hiding from the world cuz he doesn't want fame anymore.
Rest in peace 2Pac.
-Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die-
by toy_soulja May 24, 2005
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A retard or a dumbass.
"Hey, I gave a dollar away to have a special penny."
"A penny is a penny, it's always worth the same you nemo."
by toy_soulja June 07, 2005
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1.Spider-Man's Rival
2.2 in the goo, one in the poo. Two dicks in the vagina and one dick in the ass.
1."Spider-Man owned Shocker because he sucker-punched him"
2."Hey Gen, want a shocker?"
"Hells yeah huns!"

Personally I wouldn't give a shocker because it's three men at once, unless you are a bisexual.
by toy_soulja May 24, 2005
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Good band, mix of rock and rap. Best of both worlds. Actually my favorite band.
On MSN...
Someone says: Yo did you hear about the band licoln park.

Somebody says: Yes they are gnarly! By the way, it Linkin Park...
by toy_soulja May 26, 2005
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