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C- Constipated
O- Overweighted
O- Out-of-style
L- Loser

Used on dumbasses to think you're giving them a compliment.
Nerd: Hey your C.O.O.L!
Bully: Thanks geek!
Nerd: Ahaha! You're a constpated overweighted out-of-style loser!
Bully: * clenches fist*
Nerd: I gotta run now.
by totally787 March 26, 2010
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An unusual, but cute name. Any girl who has this name is obviously nice and clever. She can be hyperactive and weird but still make it look cool.
Guy: Hey, Xantha is cute, do you think she'll go out with me?
Guy 2: No way maaan! She's mine!
Xantha: Boys boys, stop fighting over me ;]
by totally787 March 19, 2010
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