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alternate form of "real good"
An exclaimation that can be used for any occasion, usually best for one of excitement.
upon entering a room "WOOOL GOOD everybody"
"I scored a 120 on the course today. That vexed me up REAL GOOD"
by tom prough December 17, 2003
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<noun>basically anything that causes someone agitation.
<verb>the act of causing the agitation in someone.
"The patrons at May's drive in are a Vex. they are always angry."
(after doing something to annoy someone) "sorry, I was just trying to lay a vex on you"
"Don't vex me, dude"
by tom prough December 17, 2003
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Alternate form of "cripple", A verb meaning "to smoke marijuana"
"Hey man, let's go crizzle that joint"
alternate usage:
"That joint just left me crizzled"
by Tom Prough October 30, 2003
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1) to be severely messed up due to consumption of drugs (mainly pot unless otherwise specified); 2) to be in the act of or have the desire to perform a task (usually relating to drug consumption); 3) (as a noun) a state of being
When dealing with pot: "wow that last bowl crippled me to the belt"
When dealing with other drugs, the drug must be specifically mentioned: "last night was out of control, i was so crippled drunk that i fell down a flight of steps and then urinated myself"
"dude hurry up and cripple that joint so we can go inside and feast mcdonalds"
"there is no sense in even trying to talk to Ronnie, he has been crippling the beer bong all night and is too messed up to form coherent thoughts"
"look at Pedro, that last hit turned him into a cripple"
by tom prough October 30, 2003
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