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1)A dude who consantly talks about or refers to sexual acts or encounters. 2)A dude who thinks he is unmatched in his sexual prowess. 3) A dude who thinks any woman is fair game sexually.
Ted: Did you meet Stephan at the party last night?

James: Yeah man, that dude is something else. All he talked about was how he'd like to suck on this girls tits or screw that one in the ass. He propostioned nearly every chick at the party and even copped a few feels.

Ted: That's Stephan. He's a real spodeman.
by toda February 07, 2007
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Another name for the "man-meat", a penis.
When I saw her breasts my spode stood straight up.
by toda April 25, 2006
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The half of the conversation you hear when someone is on the phone
I 'm not sure, because I was only hearing a halfalogue, but I think Marige's boss fired her while she was on the phone.

With so many cell phone out there were are barraged by halfalogues on a daily basis.
by toda May 21, 2010
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