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There are many types of poo.

The sinkers - The ones that float to the bottom.

The explosion - The poo that you try to push out, but it comes out with a fart and explodes all over the inside of the toilet (requires hours of wiping.)

The invisible - The ones that are massive & you hear plop, but when you look there is nothing there.

The fire - The one that hurts for you to push out, like, seriously, whatever you do, that turd just won't get out yo' ass.

The crowner - when you haven't even sat down but you think it's just gonna pop out.

The log - A long piece of shlt.

The bomb - The one that smells really bad and stays around for hours.

The shots - The ones that fire out yo ass like a machine gun.
Me: Poo! You hurt me!
Poo: You produced me.
by tixymix March 25, 2012
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