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n; (1) A place for students to gather to study their respective academia, meet new people, and engage in learning and intelligent conversation.

(2) A convenient way for parents to burn 40 grand+ so their children can drink (or smoke, or both), play frisbee, and major in a default subject so they can afford to do the previously mentioned more frequently.
(1) Douglas majored in guitar and music, which really shows because he is a phenominal player now. He also seems to be reading a lot and engaging in intellectual discussion.

(2) (Parent, at home): "Yes, we always knew Blake had a knack for business management systems, and we're glad he's following his dreams."
(Blake, at college): "Dude whatever you gotta drink that shit, thats like the second time you and Terry tried to restack the cups and not drink. Shah, seriously dude drink up."
by tito puente August 31, 2006

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A fitness guru whom pioneered the "Fitness Made Simple" plan, for simple people. He is seen in many infomercials promoting this plan which involves weight lifting at a heart-pumping, cardio pace without "tricky dance moves" or "high impact gyrations." He never aged past 23. He is also insanely ripped, and could kick Chuck Norris's ass.
He was rumored to have been killed in a tsunami while vacationing in Thailand, which was false. Not only was Basedow not in Thailand at the time, he could not have been killed by a tsunami.
Human 1: "Hey did you see John Basedow in that lady's fridge?"
Human 2: "Yeah, he had to eliminate the simple carbohydrates and trans fatty acids from her diet because she is fat."

Chuck Norris: "John Basedow could kick my ass."
by tito puente August 30, 2006

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(1)adj; Being cool to a degree that warrants the issue of a higher level word. Not able to be described by such words as 'radical,' and/or 'excellent,' etc... because the person, place, or thing at hand far exceeds what the aforementioned could show. Having characteristics of said superior coolness may occur in an instance(a), or, in less common cases, for periods of one's life(b), or, in EVEN RARER cases, for one's entire life(c)
(a)"Dude did you listen to Stankonia yet? It's the stankest album of the year."

(b)"Man, Mel Gibson had some stank to him early in his career, then he started eating Jewish people and sucking off M. Night Shayamalan."

(c)"You know who's been stank their entire life? Paul Gilbert, John Frusciante, Geoffrey Chaucer, Frank Zappa, and Tony Macalpine."
by tito puente August 30, 2006

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