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A stupid website where dumb dropout girls who can't find real jobs post nudes and desperate guys pay a fee for them. It is NEVER worth it. Porn is free! Half the time the girls never post actual nudes.
Hey whatever happened to Chelsea from high school?
She posts nudes on Onlyfans now cause the dumb hoe can't find a job
What a slut. Once her looks dry up she'll never be able to find a job
by tiredanddead May 15, 2020

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Useless people on social media (usually instagram) who can't find real jobs. All they know how to do is take pictures while posing and expect to leech stuff off of companies in exchange for "endorsement". Some gain followers from horny men by posting pictures in bikinis. They have no talent and will be screwed once the culture dies out.
I'm an instagram influencer. I have over 200k followers?
Wow you really are a useless bitch aren't you?
by tiredanddead May 15, 2020

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