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un: prefix: not:opposite of:contrary to:negates base word ;when used with united nations becomes Orwellian un-security force provides no security.A un embargo does not stop weapons or oil...ect. A U N cease fire does not stop the violence it's a uncease fire followed by un-resolve
The UN resolution did not resolve anything ,therefore it was a unresolution. The U N embargo of Iraq oil was unembargo a not embargo, saddam sold oil to anybody he wanted. A U N cease fire in Gaza is a uncease fire as well as a time to rearm.
by thurstonman January 16, 2009

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morbidly obese inner city people,protected by adipose tissue fat could be an example of Darwinism, survival of the fattest at least for short term.
from a unnamed big city E.R. E.R. doc says to nurse bullet lodged in her flank, missed all her vital organs saved by her urban armor. another example ,is Lane Bryant shooting fashion for big women the lone survivor played possum after being shot in the fat part of her neck.
by thurstonman February 07, 2008

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