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When a person sends you a text message like "k" or "haha" & you cannot think of a reply. This is a conversation stopper, and like a rhetorical question, you do not need to give a reply, because who ever sent you this dumb text is not continuing the conversation, so neither should you.
Jim texts Lenny:
We're meeting at 6.

Lenny texts Jim:
K crisp

wtf am i supposed to say to that, that is such a rhetexical.
Jim doesn't text Lenny back.
by thisismyhobby November 06, 2011
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Almost the same as Rhetexical except it occurs via facebook chat.
Marissa: I have a confession, I reallly have an attraction to pirates

Chandler: Cool

Marissa: stop sending me chattorical messages ! :/
by thisismyhobby November 13, 2011
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