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The Floridian Hotcake is a pancake concoction made with several different types of illegal drugs, such as weed, cocaine, speed, LSD, etc. To make one, pancake batter is mixed together with whatever edibles you want, and made the same way as traditional pancakes. The name "Floridian Hotcake" comes from the fact that people who eat one will probably do some Florida Man type shit while high out of their mind.
Guy1: Did you see that Bill went out in a ditch and threw baseballs at raccoons and stray dogs screaming "Pikachu, I choose you!"?
Guy2: Yeah, he was on that Floridian Hotcake shit.
by thicc guy July 14, 2019
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This gender does not exist.
Guy1: "I'll say it- I'm bigender."
Guy2: "That's not a gender, you fucking moron."
by thicc guy June 6, 2018
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