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an equation that determines wether it is approprite to headbang to a perticular song. that factors that contribute to this equation are:beats per second of the drums, speed of guitar, number of guitars, speed of lyrics, screaming quality and vol of amps and no of amps
the equation is


if the sound (Db) is greater than this treashhold, then u may headbang as the headbang threashold has been surpassed
by thespirit July 08, 2009
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when a metal band play soo awsomely that the audience headbang so ferociously that they actually snap off their heads.
boy 1- "hey did u go to that ------ concert last night?"
boy 2- "no why did anything happen"
boy 1- "yea there was a metal massacre at their solo"
boy 2- "oh god u serious"
boy 1- "yea but they were very awsome"
by thespirit July 08, 2009
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the name givin to the xbox 360 after it has been afflicted by the rrod.
when ur xbox 360 shows-in controller slots 1, 2 and 3- flashing red lights, and ur console wont function, then u have a fail box
by thespirit July 05, 2009
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a fail involving a chair

1- to lean back on the chair and it falls over leaving the occupant lying on the floor, in a daze
2- to attemp to sit on a chair, but miss the chair and land on the floor
3- to walk past a chair and trip on the leg and face plant
1- boy 1- "god this class is soo boring" (leams back while


*chair collapses

boy 2- "dude, EPIC FAIL"

2- boy 1- "i need a rest"

*kicks chair back as he trys to sit and hits the


"aww man, i just chair planted"

3- boy 1- "ill be there in a sec"

*walks over but trips on chair leg

"owww, damnit my nose"
by thespirit June 30, 2009
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